Thomas, Michael and Cris, the team behind ELASTE are joining forces to start EMPIRE+DANCE. We will design, manufacture and distribute fashionable, functional, bags, luggage and travel accessories for the seeker of the difference on the road. High style meets club culture and pop. Craft meets contemporary design and art.

We will expand the concept of travel as an art-form; a vacation as well as involvement; an abandonment as well as insurgence; an irony of misinterpretation and a union of similarities. EMPIRE+DANCE will keep guard at the intersection of fashion trends, an important cultural cross-roads where we divide and come together.

Travellers want to carry the same style across borders as across offices, without a sacrifice in convenience or personal image presentation. EMPIRE+DANCE travel line will allow bright modern individuals to stay themselves on any road they take, preserving the style that is their second skin and practicality that is essential to their busy life-style, especially away from home. They will not have to succumb to overly elitist finesse nor to the monochromes of convenience in order to feel comfortable in their authentic style.

Be it a five star environment, a face to face meeting with foreign cultures or an exploration in local authenticity.
Luxury will blend with pop-culture, street wisdom and trend awareness. Craft will meet current design, efficiency and artistic innovations.

The brand creators Michael Reinboth, Thomas Elsner and Cris Weer have over 20 years of design experience and as many years of in-depth media and high fashion awareness to be able to produce a product that will stand out by far in its class on the basis of future-perfect form and reliability. They will implement a vision of affluent and travel-tested individuals in their likeness, seeking to invent new products suitable for modern, stylish and young at heart commuters, city dwellers and travelers that will speak of unique taste and performance.

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